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Healings from Divine

Your healing journey starts now!



About me:


                                            Welcome to healings from divine! Just know that you                                                are currently in a sacred and safe space. So breathe                                                       and let go of anything that has been troubling you,                                                         until this point, for a moment. I want to thank you in                                                       advance and I admire you for taking the time to get to this                                           point, the point that your soul has been eager to get                                                      for it’s own healing journey. The journey that starts                                                         here and right now,  when you allow it to be. You                                                              are stronger than what you think you are or that many                                                 people made you believe you could be!

           I am Jazmin and just like you, my life turned upside down before my true spiritual awakening. I am originally from Veracruz, Mexico and since at a young age I was well attuned with mother earth, life and source energy. It was a wonderful time  for my angels to introduce themselves to me and for me to hear and feel their guidance as my life was unfolding. I am a natural-born empath and with time, I have been able to sharpen and developed my gifts by discovering the world of Reiki and many other spiritual practices that helped me embrace those gifts even more. Thanks to this healing journey and experiences, I became a Reiki Master  in 2014 by my Reiki Master, Lisa S., who I truly honor until this point of my life, as well as Michelle P. and many other spiritual teachers I had. My passion is to facilitate healing in others with the help of the divine connection to Source and the Angelic Kingdom who assist in providing you a loving, nurturing, and calming healing experience and guidance when needed. It will be an honor for me to become your spiritual mentor, teacher and healer to help you with your healing journey, self-discovery, and to help you embrace who you truly are. My mission and legacy is to create a better reality for ourselves; a reality of love and well-being for everyone who permits themselves to experience. It is  time to say good-bye to the old version of you and to welcome the best version of you, with you and for you! And so it is !

"Jazmin has a very kind demeanor and really cares about her clients".

-Lilian C.
"Jazmin is truly gifted and helpful, after my sessions I feel like I came out feeling a greater connection to my inner self and with a deeper understanding of my life path".
-Heather S.
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Disclaimer: Readings do not constitute and are not designed to replace legal, medical, financial, psychological or professional advice. Your acceptance of a reading, healing or class sessions in any way  is your own responsibility. Booking and paying for an appointment confirms that you understand and accept these terms. Jazmin Lopez: Healings from Divine LLC, is not responsible for what you do with the information you receive. We have the right to refuse service at sole discretion.


 Las lecturas no constituyen ni están diseñadas para reemplazar el asesoramiento legal, médico, financiero, psicológico o profesional. Su aceptación de una sesión de lectura, curación o clase es de su propia responsabilidad. Reservar y pagar una cita confirma que usted comprende y acepta estos términos. Jazmin Lopez: Healings from Divine LLC, no es responsable de lo que haga usted con la información que reciba. Tenemos el derecho de negar el servicio por completo ala discreción personal, los costos de los servicios de esta web son pagos finales y no son reembolsados por falta de asistencia ala cita o clases.

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